About Anne J. Kox, Historian of Physics

I am a theoretical physicist by training but have worked in the field of history of science for many years. I am particularly interested in the history of modern physics. Although I am Professor Emeritus now, I am far from being retired and still actively doing reseach. These days I divide my time between Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Pasadena (CA, USA) and Torrazza (Liguria, Italy). Read more >


Prof. dr Anne J. Kox

Pieter Zeeman Professor of History of Physics, Emeritus, Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam;
Senior Editor, Einstein Papers Project, California Institute of Technology

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This picture was taken on 12 September 2013 at my Farewell Lecture as Pieter Zeeman Professor of History of Physics at the University of Amsterdam. I am proudly holding a copy of the Festschrift presented to me on this occasion. Read more >

Research Interests


My main interest these days is the work of Hendrik A. Lorentz. I have edited two volumes of his scientific correspondence and have recently published his biography. Read more >



After my totally unexpected discovery of the archive of Pieter Zeeman in 1989 I became interested in his work and life. I have written on the discovery of the Zeeman effect and have used the newly-discoverd material for biographical publications. Read more >



As the most important physicist of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein is an obvious research choice for a historian of modern physics. Einstein has played a major role in my research (and my life) since 1985. Read more >



I have not only published on Lorentz, Zeeman, and Einstein, but also on other topics in the history of science. Read more >