About Anne J. Kox, Historian of Physics

I am a theoretical physicist by training but have worked in the field of history of science for many years. I am particularly interested in the history of modern physics. Although I am Professor Emeritus now, I am far from being retired and still actively doing reseach. These days I divide my time between Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Pasadena (CA, USA) and Torrazza (Liguria, Italy). Read more >


Prof. dr Anne J. Kox

Pieter Zeeman Professor of History of Physics, Emeritus, Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam;
Senior Editor, Einstein Papers Project, California Institute of Technology




This picture was taken on 12 September 2013 at my Farewell Lecture as Pieter Zeeman Professor of History of Physics at the University of Amsterdam. I am proudly holding a copy of the Festschrift presented to me on this occasion. Read more >

Research Interests


My main interest these days is the work of Hendrik A. Lorentz. I have published the first of two volumes of his scientific correspondence and am writing his biography. Read more >



After my totally unexpected discovery of the archive of Pieter Zeeman in 1989 I became interested in his work and life. I have written on the discovery of the Zeeman effect and have used the newly-discoverd material for biographical publications. Read more >



As the most important physicist of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein is an obvious research choice for a historian of modern physics. Einstein has played a major role in my research (and my life) since 1985. Read more >



I have not only published on Lorentz, Zeeman, and Einstein, but also on other topics in the history of science. Read more >